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Thank you for your interest in receiving support through the Resource Empowerment Centre, Inc, Villages Children and Families Engaging (CAFÉ) Holiday Adopt-a-Family Program. Below is a list of commonly asked questions to familiarize you with the program.

1. When do you start accepting applications from Villages CAFÉ for this program?

Registration opens on Saturday, November 18, 2023. Deadline to apply is Friday, December 8, 2023 or when we reach our goal of 32 registered families.


2. Who qualifies for the Villages CAFÉ Adopt-a-Family Program?

Villages CAFÉ families that attended one Resources Empowerment Centre sponsored event in 2023

  • Family must reside in Hillsborough County

  • Must have at least one child age 9 – middle school

  • Once a family is determined to be eligible, all family members listed in our Villages CAFÉ portal are eligible to participate.


3. How do I apply?

You can fill out the Holiday Wish List Form between November 18 and December 8, 2023.


4. Am I guaranteed to be adopted once my application is approved?

Yes, all participating families will receive a minimum of a $25 gift from the REC.


5. Will the Angel Sponsor provide enough toys and food to meet all of my holiday needs?

This program is not meant to provide for your family’s entire holiday support, but to serve as a token of appreciation from the community and the Resource Empowerment Center. The gift card is meant to assist with your holiday meal but not provide everything for your meal.


6. When will you start matching families with Angels Sponsors?

Families will be placed up for adoption starting on November 18, 2023, or upon approval of the completed application until December 8, 2023.


7. Do I have to have children to participate in the program?

Yes, only families with children age 9 to middle school will be able to participate in the program.


8. Do you give the Angel sponsor my application with all my information?

Angel sponsors will receive the wish lists for each child, and will see the message you write for them. They will not have your contact information.


9. Do I have to invite the Angel Sponsor to my home?

No. Your contact information will NOT be shared with your Angel Sponsor.


10. Is there a dollar limit on the items that can be requested?

No. However, we suggest the gift requests should be under $50 per family member. The purpose of the Adopt-a-Family program is to provide you and your child(ren) with small tokens of appreciation. It is not meant to provide everything on your wish list. Please be mindful of this as the Angel Sponsors are participating in the program to help you this holiday season.


11. My children can really use clothing instead of toys; can I ask the sponsor for those items instead?

Yes, you may include any items on the list that would benefit your children for the holiday. If you ask for clothing, please indicate sizes.


12. My children are really picky; can I ask the sponsors for gift cards only?



13. Is the Angel Sponsor going to give the adults gifts as well?

The Angel Sponsor may choose to give the adults gifts as well.


14. We want to send our Angel Sponsor a thank you letter but we do not have their address, what do we do?

All thank you notes and cards should be given to the REC team to be distributed to the Angel Sponsor.



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