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About Us

The Resource EmPowerment Centre (aka ALK of Florida, Inc.) is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the overall Mental Well-Being of minority individuals within underserved communities through education and empowerment since 2016. The REC was born out of Pearlena’s Adult Activity Center identifying participant’s visible needs for vital resources beyond adult activities, such as food, housing, health care and financial stability.


The REC provides “resource navigation” and “resource advocacy” that focuses on sustainability of self-sufficiency by facilitating the social, economic and political reintegration of individuals with or at risk of criminal records, homeless, disabled, mature adults 55+, families with or without children, veterans, youth and those experiencing poverty.


Our focus is to empower the underserved population to apply for and receive benefits from community resources that promote public safety, economic opportunities and overall quality of life. Since our inception, we have committed to improve overall mental well-being for underserved individuals.

From Our Founder


I am so excited about this new entrepreneur opportunity to minister to God’s people. It is a blessing to be able to encourage others to have a better quality of life and lift someone’s spirits. My grandmother known as “Bigmama” was a compassionate person and that passed down to me. What a gift!!! I am so proud that my mother stepped out on faith to pursue this vision. That’s love!!BIgmama was a giver and every year at Christmas she purchased me some house slippers, I ended up with every color in the rainbow. Bigmama passed in 1989 and that year at Christmas there was an unmarked box under the tree and on Christmas day I opened it and guess what it was “a pair of house shoes.”  I still believe Bigmama left them for me as she never forgot about her grandchildren and no matter how big or small she ensured to always have something to give.


Katrina Osborne

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